"Impressive original compositions and vocal harmonies sit convincingly alongside covers of Hank Snow, Tommy Jarrell, as well as Hazel Dickens" -Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Simply crafted and executed, these songs bring an innovative and timeless sound to their  music" -Bluegrass Unlimited

"What a gorgeous, big-hearted and masterfully played bunch of songs and tunes from two of the best musicians I know. This album has that clean-swept simplicity you get from great artists at the beginning and the ends of their careers. I picture Emily and Wilhelmina sitting around a kitchen table passing guitars and banjos and fiddles like salt, singing with the directness of conversation and sprinkling each arrangement with exactly as many notes as it needs. The covers are Hazel Dickens, Hank Snow & Traditional-via-Tommy-Jarrell, and the originals stand right up with those giants. The biggest challenge to listening on repeat is that I keep getting distracted by singing along and hitting the “rewind” button."

Kristin Andreassen of Uncle Earl, Sometymes Why